The Great Wall, Smoke Signals, and Your Communication Ethos with Erica McMannes, Founder and COO of Instant Teams

What the Great Wall can teach you about communicating with your customers.
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Erica McMannes is an Active Duty Army Spouse and Founder/COO of Instant Teams. In the past 17 years (and 11 moves), she’s found creative ways to find fulfillment and income that meshed well with the transient and unpredictable military lifestyle. Her career path started out traditionally in 2003, working for Army MWR/CYSS in various Director and leadership positions. But in 2012, Erica found herself consulting for veteran-owned startups in Silicon Valley on community growth and branding development. After 4 years in the startup market, she launched out on her own founding Instant Teams in 2016.

The Great Wall of China has been the source of lore, wonder, and mystery for thousands of years. And it turns out it also marks the beginning of mass communication. 

In this episode of Often Imitated, we talk to Erica McMannes about how she’s creating an exceptional remote work communication ethos at Instant Teams.

Experience: Develop a communication ethos

Inspiration: Smoke signals on the Great Wall of China 

Modern Day Execution: Erica McMannes, Founder and COO of Instant Teams


Three Takeaways

  • Your team needs a communication ethos, which is a philosophy and strategy for how you talk to customers.
  • As you hone in on what makes your customer experience team exceptional, you need to find out what works best for your cx philosophy.
  • Get everyone on your team on the same page in terms of how you communicate.


Key Quotes

  • “If you can treat communication just like you would any other process flow at a very high level, it really makes all the difference.” 
  • “While customer facing, be sure to over-serve versus overshare.”
  • “The more successful we’ve become and the bigger we’ve grown is because we’ve niched down.”



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