What can history’s unique experiences teach us about modern customer experience?

On this podcast, we examine history’s most unique experiences – from Woodstock in 1969 to Edison’s first light bulb to the Pringles can – that have been often imitated but never duplicated.

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What can history’s unique experiences teach us about modern customer experience? 

On this podcast, we examine history’s most unique experiences – from Woodstock in 1969 to Edison’s first light bulb to the Pringles can – that have been often imitated but never duplicated. 

In each episode, we will recount the origins of a famous experience to understand what it can teach us about modern customer experiences. We will also share insights from modern business leaders on how they craft industry-leading CX.

Our goal is to inspire you to create experiences that everyone else will want to imitate.

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Episode 64
Don’t let the sun set without talking to your customers.
Episode 63
Honk if you love CX.
Episode 62
Knock your CX out of the park.
Episode 61
Does Your CX Have the Meats?
Episode 60
Is your CX a slam dunk?
Episode 59
Don’t flush your CX down the drain.
Episode 58
Put your CX on the elevator to success.
Episode 57
Taking your customers to infinity and beyond.
Episode 56
Have you checked your reviews lately?
Episode 55
The reviews are in. Let’s make a list of how you can improve your CX.
Episode 54
Have your customers left you behind?
Episode 53
Does your CX make you feel boxed in?
Episode 52
Let CX be your guide.
Episode 51
Will your CX be the next global sensation?
Episode 50
Would your CX get a stamp of approval?
Episode 49
On a scale from 1 to 10…how’s your CX?
Episode 48
NFTs are taking over the world…are you?
Episode 47
Happy Holidays from the Often Imitated team!
Episode 46
Does your CX suck?
Episode 45
Tell your users to take a hike.
Episode 44
How your CX can help fight climate change.
Episode 43
Please continue listening. Your time is very important to us.
Episode 42
You’re never past the point of no return.
Episode 41
Take chafing out of your customer experience.
Episode 40
The reviews are in: your CX needs an upgrade.
Episode 39
Taking your CX from a bunny hill to a black diamond.
Episode 38
How Edison led the way in usage-based pricing.
Episode 37
What can the Queen of England teach us about CX?
Episode 36
Don’t let your CX be a laughingstock.
Episode 35
Does your CX stink?
Episode 34
Protecting your CX from threat actors.
Episode 33
Helping your customers experience happiness.
Episode 32
How cows saved the world
Episode 31
Creating a sustainable experience to serve customers now and in the future
Episode 30
How do you explain something that’s never been seen before?
Episode 29
Create a CX legacy that will last 2,000 years.
Episode 28
Is a picture really worth a thousand words?
Episode 27
Speed past your competition by doing what has never been done before.
Episode 26
Make your inefficiencies disappear.
Episode 25
CX is crucial—don’t phone it in.
Episode 24
In all honesty…all of our CX could be a bit better.
Episode 23
40 million people love Fantasy Football. Let’s figure out how to get them to love your content.
Episode 22
What the Great Wall can teach you about communicating with your customers.
Episode 21
A recipe for achieving the unthinkable.
Episode 20
How getting on the same page changed the Super Bowl… and how it can change your CX.
Episode 19
How AI beat the Nazis, and how it can transform CX.
Episode 18
Finding what’s best for your customers during the pandemic.
Episode 17
Can you trash a hotel room and walk away in the right?
Episode 16
What if customer experience had a cheat code?
Episode 15
Can the same CX innovation that gave us Shakespeare, movie theaters, and Netflix help revolutionize healthcare?
Episode 14
Creating lasting memories by utilizing scarcity and demand during the holiday season.
Episode 13
Trusting your customers to do the impossible.
Episode 12
Figuring out how to make your data centers the most magical places on Earth.
Episode 11
What do skydiving and closing the wage gap have in common? They both require a leap of faith…prompted by a little nudge.
Episode 10
How did the Pony Express ride through the desert to build an oasis of information? What can that tell us about the vital role of information in pregnancy care and communication in general?
Episode 9
What unites superheroes from an imagined universe and CMOs in a very real one? What can the origins of our favorite superheroes tell us about the role of confidence in customer experience?
Episode 8
What big lessons are kept sandwiched between tiny yellow bricks? What we learn from LEGOs? And what do they teach us about building for the long haul, while remaining flexible to customer needs?
Episode 7
What lessons are packed in between the delicious patties of In-n-Out’s double double burger? What can their legendary burgers tell us about dialing in the experiences we build — and preserve — for our customers?
Episode 6
What can Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham teach us about the relationship of creativity and constraint? How can we use those lessons to have better conversations with customers?
Episode 5
How did one automotive icon bring a company back from the brink by going all in on the minivan? What does that tell us about anticipating customer needs?
Episode 4
How did Sarah Breedlove single-handedly build a haircare empire in the 1800s? What does that tell us about CX design?
Episode 3
How did eight roughneck, novice rowers make it to the Olympics? What does that say about an outsider’s perspective? And what does it tell us about building CX?
Episode 2
How is it possible that humanity put a man on the moon before putting wheels on luggage? And what does this tell us about UX?
Episode 1
What unique experience did Benjamin Franklin create by founding his Junto and how could we replicate it?