Perfecting Your Contact Center with Tim McDougal, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, and Contact Center Offering Leader, Deloitte Digital

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Tim is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP and brings more than 22 years of experience to his work in the optimization of customer interactions and the transformation of the contact center. He has advised clients across industry how to balance strategic objectives, the practical realities of contact center operations, and promises of new technology. He emphasizes helping clients operationalize strategies and deploy technologies to maximize the contact center’s customer experience while improving efficiency and reducing the cost to serve.

Telethons are an iconic part of the TV experience. Seeing the donation total rise while a whole variety show plays out for hours on end is a unique form of entertainment. But putting the gimmicks aside, telethons do a great job of depicting the delicate balance of chaos and order when it comes to managing multiple calls at the same time. And that’s a balance CX leaders work to navigate every day in their contact centers.

Today, we’re doing a deep dive into contact centers. We’re going to find out what the biggest pain points are in managing one, and how to successfully run yours. Tim McDougal, Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting, and Contact Center Offering Leader at Deloitte Digital, shares how they’re leading the way in creating the best contact centers in the industry. And luckily for us, he shares all his insights in today’s episode.


“Contact centers are the face of your organization.” – Tim McDougal


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Stage lights and turkey legs

* (6:54) Deloitte’s view of contact centers

* (10:26) The Global Contact Center Survey

* (13:42) Personalizing your contact center CX

* (17:59) How to have the best customer experience at your contact center



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