Is your CX finger-licking good? with Bob Kraut, 4-Time CMO and Current CMO, Billy Jealousy

Does Your CX Have the Meats?
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Bob is the current CMO at Billy Jealousy. He also serves on the Board of Directors for EDO, YEXT, and Tiff’s Treats and has held roles at FCB Global, Tatham Euro RSCG, Pontiac Cars, General Motors, Pizza Hut, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc., Papa John’s, and Captain D’s, all in Brand, Advertising and Sales, and Marketing roles. He earned an MBA from the University at Buffalo and an AMP from the Harvard Business School.

We all love a guilty pleasure. From reality TV to Britney Spears to a 1 am trip to your favorite fast-food restaurant. Maybe you enjoy all three of those! There’s nothing wrong with that, and here at Often Imitated, we will always be team #FreeBritney.

What all of these have in common is that they form consumers’ experiences and emotions into creating lasting memories. No one understood that more than Pete Harman when he coined the phrase “Finger-Licking Good!” for KFC. Except maybe today’s guest. In this episode, we’re speaking with Bob Kraut, the mastermind behind all of your favorite guilty pleasures. As the former CMO of Arby’s, Pizza Hut, and Captain D’s, he has revolutionized the way we as customers interact with fast food. Today, he’s the CMO of Billy Jealousy and will help us get our brands locked into the minds of our customers. So pull through that drive-through, click play, and enjoy!


“The key to excellent customer experience is to create behaviors and experiences for customers that build memories.” – Bob Kraut


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Finger-licking good CX

* (6:45) Background on Bob’s extraordinary career

* (8:35) Promising a great CX and how to follow through

* (12:04) How Bob revolutionized Arby’s

* (15:00) How your brand outweighs your product



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