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From his early career in digital design, Javier’s digital-savviness has been a driving force in his over 20-year career. As Co-Founder of Launch, Javier leads a curious, passionate, and eclectic team in creating innovative digital experiences, including web-based applications, e-commerce web and mobile sites, B2B Sales enablement tools, product tours, and product design. He also co-hosts “SpeedBumps Live”, a weekly web show where he and his co-host lead insightful conversations about marketing challenges and the evolution of marketing with senior marketers.

When it comes to focus groups—we’ve seen it all. From testing out yogurts to reacting to political campaigns, focus groups come in all shapes and sizes. However, they weren’t always the bastion of a free bag of chips and low quality bottled water that they are today. The first ever focus group was done to study the effectiveness of propaganda to enlist more Americans in the fight against the Nazis. And it was…rough to say the least. Luckily, it provides us with a helpful lens into what makes an effective focus group, and so does today’s guest.

Javier Santana, Co-Founder of Launch, shares how you can best leverage research and focus groups to your advantage. He dives into what priorities you should have, how you need to evolve with your customers, and much more. 


“If you don’t listen to your customers—you have the opportunity to fail.” – Javier Santana


Time Stamps

* (0:00) The dos and don’ts of WWII propaganda

* (7:16) What is Launch?

* (8:27) How to evolve alongside your customers

* (10:46) Your guide to successful research

* (12:48) How to improve your customer relationships

* (16:13) Identifying what your priorities should be



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