Bake the Perfect CX with April Dunford, Founder, CEO of Ambient Strategy

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April spent the first 25 years of her career as a startup executive, running marketing, product, and sales teams. She led teams at seven successful B2B technology startups. Most of those startups were acquired (DataMirror to IBM, Janna Systems to Siebel Systems, then SAP, Watcom to Sybase via Powersoft, to name a few), and she ran big teams at IBM, Siebel, Sybase, and others. The total of those acquisitions is more than two billion dollars. Across that journey, she positioned, re-positioned, and launched 16 products. Her book, Obviously Awesome, captures her ideas about positioning and a methodology for doing it that any startup can follow. It’s become a best-seller and popular among entrepreneurs, product, and marketing folk.

Baking soda has been a key background character in most of our lives. It’s the ingredient you forget that ruins a batch of cookies, or you accidentally knock it over in your fridge, and you might even brush your teeth with it. And when it’s not being googled over whether or not it’s interchangeable with baking powder, it’s doing the work to keep our lives clean and odorless. Baking soda…kind of does it all? And the thing is, when we learn it does something new—we believe it. How on Earth did Arm & Hammer figure that out?

Well, it’s because they mastered positioning. From cooking to laundry, baking soda is infinitely useful. And once that was discovered, Arm & Hammer went into full force dominating several industries. But how can the rest of us do the same with our products? April Dunford, Founder, and CEO of Ambient Strategy, knows how. And lucky for us, she’s sharing the secrets of how to become champions at positioning and getting customers to obsess over our products.


“Customer experience is not the thing that brings you through the door. But it is absolutely the thing that keeps you there.” – April Dunford


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Wait…what even is baking soda?

* (7:11) What is positioning, and why does it matter?

* (10:05) Your customers are changing, and so should your positioning

* (15:40) The differences between strategy and positioning 

* (16:51) Lawyers—they’re just like us!

* (19:39) Branding’s role in positioning



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