What Burgers Teach Us About Two-Way Conversations with Kyle Lacy, CMO at Lessonly

What lessons are packed in between the delicious patties of In-n-Out’s double double burger? What can their legendary burgers tell us about dialing in the experiences we build — and preserve — for our customers?
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This episode features an interview with Kyle Lacy, CMO of Lessonly

In order to understand how CX leaders can create two-way conversations with their customers, we go back and take a look at a burger company that had to physically create a new way to have conversations.

Experience: Helping companies master the tools their employees need to be successful 

Inspiration: In-n-Out Burgers

Modern Day Execution: Kyle Lacy, CMO of Lessonly 

Key Quotes

  • “If you make an experience simple and you make it great, I think you’re winning.”
  • “There’s a huge difference between lecturing and coaching. Coaching is working with someone and helping them do it. That’s where real training and development happens.”
  • “You should be thinking about the prospect experience all the way to the first purchase, all the way to the second, third, and fourth purchase of the customer lifecycle.”

Three Takeaways

  • Organizations need to have two-way conversations with their customers and their employees. The best customer experiences are those that allow customers to feel heard.
  • Your employees are your most valuable resource in generating conversations. Companies with great customer experiences invest in their employees.
  • Create simple, great experiences that allow customers to grasp the environment in which they are working.


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