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A 15-year consumer-internet veteran Dave Fink, CEO & Founder of Postie, is a revenue-focused entrepreneur. With a passion for creating disruptive business models and unique monetization strategies, Dave focuses on discovering opportunities to drive rapid growth. His creative, yet data-driven approach to marketing and monetization has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for ad-tech, lead generation, and commerce companies. Over the last decade, Dave has launched and scaled over 20 consumer-internet businesses. During the early part of his career he created performance-marketing platforms helping brands as diverse as Walt Disney World, Proctor & Gamble and The Gap adapt to the rapidly changing digital media strategies available in the internet world.

Few rooms offer more emotional support than the modern bathroom. Bad date? Excuse yourself to the restroom. Need to make friends with other people in your college dorm? Funny enough, bathroom. Went a little too hard at the company offsite? Better hope you’re not running into your VP in the loo.

But the bathroom used to be far less thrilling. Hundreds of years ago, it was a pot in the corner. And before that? Idk…a bush? But one man decided that pots were gross and he was going to add some dignity back into going to the restroom. John Harington took the world of plumbing by storm and invented the flushable toilet. But why haven’t you heard of him? All that and more in today’s episode.

Today, we’re talking with Dave Fink about how he too took on a thousand year old industry. As Co-Founder and CEO of Postie, Dave changed the way modern marketers approach direct mail. In this episode, he shares how mail can take your marketing campaigns to the next level, how to leverage modern technology on ancient mediums, how CX can improve your marketing, and much more.


“If you take a CX approach to your entire marketing stack, then you end up building a deep understanding with your prospects and customers.” – Dave Fink


Time Stamps

* (0:00) The troublemaker, the Queen, and their toilet

* (8:03) What is Postie?

* (10:55) Why CX leaders shouldn’t underestimate direct mail

* (12:28)  Modernizing ancient history

* (14:17)  The Postie Customer Experience

* (18:15)  Taking a CX approach to marketing



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