Through the Desert with Ann Holder, CEO at Odonata Health

How did the Pony Express ride through the desert to build an oasis of information? What can that tell us about the vital role of information in pregnancy care and communication in general?
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This episode features an interview with Ann Holder, CEO of Odonata Health.

Some deserts are easy to spot on a map. Others reveal themselves by exclusion. In the 1860s, the small towns without access to news relied on The Pony Express. In 2020, information is everywhere, but one particular kind of life-saving information is incredibly hard to come by. That’s what Ann Holder is trying to fix. On this episode of Often Imitated, we explore how Ann Holder is using data to give pregnant women the quality of care they need, and flood maternity deserts with the information they deserve.

Experience: Data as a lifeline to customer care

Inspiration: The Pony Express

Modern Day Execution: Ann Holder, CEO of Odonata Health


Three Takeaways

  • The rising tide of technological advancement in medicine should lift all ships. But, it hasn’t and that’s inexcusable. Instead of waiting for a data-oriented, technologically-adept wave of innovation to reach maternity care, Ann is doing that work herself. 
  • Informed customers are more invested in both their success and your business. By providing customers a clear roadmap of what to expect in their journey, and giving them data that acts as clear checkpoints along the way, you can give them a better experience.
  • Finding the “information deserts” in your field takes a shift in perspective. You need a diversity of viewpoints and opinions to spot the customers that go underserved by your company. 

Key Quotes

  • “We should know more. The reality is, is the technology is there. It’s just really putting these great minds together to further develop that technology so that we can use it for fetal monitoring and give more information and data to physicians.” 
  • “My passion is to really help bring to market something that doesn’t exist that is badly needed.There’s areas around the world where we have a pretty significant opportunity to really help drive technology and improve outcomes worldwide.”
  • “We all think that technology is so advanced, but it’s just not in this area. If you stop and think about it, 5% of the world’s population at any one time is pregnant. That’s huge. 5% of the population that really doesn’t understand what’s going on with their body.” 



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