The Wonderful World of CX with Jacob Smith, Co-founder at Packet

Figuring out how to make your data centers the most magical places on Earth.
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Jacob’s professional experience involves internet marketing, arts management, and classical music performance. A love of entrepreneurship inspired ten years in internet marketing as well as his current venture, Packet, which he co-founded in 2014. Packet has since been acquired by Equinix (in 2020) where he now leads bare metal strategy and marketing. A professional bassoonist by training, he played with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and served as principal bassoonist with the Academy of Vocal Arts Opera Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia, and others. From 2007 until 2016 he also served in development and marketing roles at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society and Marlboro Music Festival.

A trip to Disneyland is full of excitement. But even once we’ve seen it all, we still go back to experience the magic year after year. How can we have a similar impact on our customers? We asked Jacob Smith to find out.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we explore how Jacob is putting his best people to work to make successful and lasting relationships with customers.

Experience: Getting a great first impression by putting your best people to work

Inspiration: Disneyland

Modern Day Execution: Jacob Smith, Co-founder, Packet, and VP of Bare Metal Strategy & Marketing, Equinix


Three Takeaways


  • When it comes to figuring out where to put your best consumer-facing employees, it’s important to do an assessment of where in your customer experience cycle they need you the most. 


  • Once you find an avenue that your customers are engaging in, it’s critical to adjust resources to strengthen that connection.


  • Identify what makes your product magical, and figure out how to sell that idea to your customers.


Key Quotes


  • “And if you go in there talking speeds and feeds and saying like, here’s the best server you’ve ever had to someone who doesn’t care about servers, which by the way, is most people you’re going to lose. But if you can go in there with something more value-based and more like an experience that’s different…that’s sort of magical.”


  • “How do we find and make connections with these people, but importantly, you have to also decide how you gain their trust, right? And sometimes that means you have to go through some bad stuff together.”


  • “Your values being upfront really helps you find the right customers and for them to be attracted to you.” 



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