The Power of Feedback with Craig Walker, Founder and CEO, Dialpad

The reviews are in: your CX needs an upgrade.
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Craig is the Founder and CEO at Dialpad. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of GrandCentral Communications (now Google Voice) and prior to that, ran Yahoo! Voice as the Senior Director of VoIP at Yahoo!

Unfortunately, less-than-stellar CX is commonplace. It’s a problem as old as time. Even back in 1750 AD, merchants were scamming their peers out of quality goods and running off with their money. Artifacts still exist today that show shipping merchant Ea-Nasir was notorious for some of the worst customer experiences in Mesopotamia. His reviews are in…and they’re abysmal.

As CX leaders, we’d rather not have our legacy be 3,000 years of terrible reviews. So it’s important to hear what our customers are saying and act accordingly to correct our course. To learn more about how to value customer feedback, we talked with Craig Walker, Founder, and CEO of Dialpad. He’ll share how to incorporate feedback into your product and improve your CX across the board. 


“At the end of the day, you’re not just selling to a business customer—you’re selling to a person.” – Craig Walker, Founder, and CEO, Dialpad


Time Stamps

* (0:00) The hottest gossip of 1750 BC

* (5:10) The inspiration behind Dialpad

* (10:27) Prioritizing user feedback

* (12:37) What Dialpad does today

* (16:10) How AI can help improve your CX

* (19:08) Turning hold music into a delightful experience



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