The Phone Booth Moment with Kristine Steuart, CEO at Allocadia

What unites superheroes from an imagined universe and CMOs in a very real one? What can the origins of our favorite superheroes tell us about the role of confidence in customer experience?
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This episode features an interview with Kristine Steuart, CEO and Co-Founder of Allocadia

It’s hard to classify a superhero cape as business-appropriate attire. But, there’s something to be learned in the pages of our favorite comic books. Confidence, and the ability to instill it in others, is a tremendously powerful tool, almost like a superpower. On this episode of Often Imitated we explore what it feels like when you find that superpower. 

Experience: Building software that unlocks marketers’ potential 

Inspiration: Superheroes 

Modern Day Execution: Kristine Steuart, CEO of Allocadia 

Three Takeaways

  • Marketers can’t keep it all in their heads. Top marketers document every dollar they’re budgeting and every demographic they’re targeting and make a plan before a single cent is spent. The days of guessing outcomes are long past.
  • CX leaders have to broaden their scope of focus. Instead of solely thinking about a customer’s experience as they’re live chatting your business, or on a call with a rep, leaders need to think about which channels they’re investing in and which drive business impact. 
  • Don’t let new bells and whistles distract you from your goal — improving customer experience. It’s easy to get lost looking at metrics that only affect one small part of your customer experience. Instead, you need to look at the whole customer journey. 

Key Quotes

  • “We’ve had so many new innovations over the last few years to help us there as we’ve moved as a world online. But, we’ve lost sight of this other piece of the equation that is so critical to what the marketer does day-to-day and has such a big impact on the customer experience.”
  • “If you think about the core lever that we have at the beginning of our planning process and where we can really drive. Some of the biggest business impact is when we allocate those investments and plans at the beginning of our planning life cycle.”
  • “A confident customer is absolutely an advocate of the business. They are a long-time customer who is also continuously engaged with the company, in the brand, and in your business.”


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