The Leap and the Nudge with Meggie Palmer, CEO at PepTalkHer

What do skydiving and closing the wage gap have in common? They both require a leap of faith…prompted by a little nudge.
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Meggie Palmer founded PepTalkHer with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. The PepTalkHer App helps you track your career successes. It uses artificial intelligence to coach confidence & negotiation and to give you a pep talk when you need it most. In her former life, she was an award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur. She spent 15 years as a journalist & Foreign Correspondent. Traveling from Syria to Italy telling stories for networks including BBC World, CNBC & SBS Dateline.

Skydiving tends to be a pretty intimidating pastime. We can’t all be Tom Cruise who seemingly jumps out of airplanes on his off days. Most of us need to tandem jump so that the person behind us can give us the nudge we need. PepTalkHer is doing the same thing in preparing women to close the wage gap.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we explore how Meggie Palmer is nudging thousands of women to get the raises and promotions they deserve.

Experience: Giving your customers the nudge they need to succeed.

Inspiration: Skydiving

Modern Day Execution: Meggie Palmer, Founder, and CEO of PepTalkHer


Three Takeaways

  • When you push your customers a bit out of their comfort zone, they’ll be empowered to succeed in ways they might not have expected. As you give customers a little nudge, they’ll build confidence and have a better experience with your product.
  • Finding ways you can nudge your customers might take a bit more brainstorming, but the payoffs in their experience is worth the extra work.
  • On average, women make 20% less than men. That jarring level of inequality is deeply problematic. Instead of waiting for someone else to fix it, Meggie started PepTalkHer to empower women to fix it themselves.

Key Quotes

  • “There are three major things that contribute to the pay gap: The choices of careers that women make versus men, the time out of the workforce for caring responsibilities that men and women take, and unconscious bias and discrimination.”
  • “We hear from a lot of women in the PepTalkHer community who were sacked while they’re pregnant or haven’t had a raise in six or seven years. And with inflation, that means they’re literally going backwards. And so when I came to realize the data and the trends that were happening, the fact that it’s going to take a couple of hundred years for equality to come into play, I just wasn’t willing to accept that.”
  • “Founders often don’t think about ‘how do I want someone to feel when they interact with my product?’ But actually, if we all started from that premise, I think it would really change the way that we designed products.” 



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