The Ingredients to a Perfect CX with Kimberly Shenk, Co-Founder and CEO, Novi Connect

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In 2017, Kimberly co-founded a company to help women shop for better, more transparent beauty products – and learned first hand how difficult it was to get any information about the raw materials going into our products. She never knew that most brands lack ingredient transparency. So she started Novi to transform the way products are developed and enable access to data. Her life’s work in tech and data science (ex Eventbrite, US Air Force and MIT) has come to life in Novi.

When it comes to buying a new computer, there’s a checklist we use to see if it’ll work for us. We think about all the different components that come together to build the final product and figure out if it has the right CPU, processing power, and RAM. But at the end of the day…does it really matter if you’re just using it to send emails and watch cat videos? Well, Andy Grove and Dennis Carter at Intel think so. When they launched the “Intel Inside” campaign in 1991, suddenly people started caring about microchips and what their computers ran on. And that ingredient branding campaign continues to influence buying decisions today. Can our marketing campaigns do the same? 

Today’s episode features an interview with Kimberly Shenk, Co-Founder and CEO of Novi Connect. She works to make brands more transparent with their customers and is a champion of ingredient branding. She shares all the secrets of why in order to have a successful brand you need to be more open with your customers. Click ‘play’ and find out how.


“Telling authentic stories to your consumers isn’t a trend—it’s a requirement.” – Kimberly Shenk


Time Stamps

* (0:00) How ingredient branding changed how you burn the midnight oil

* (8:53) The story of Novi Connect

* (10:34) The secrets to getting your customers to trust you

* (12:41) The data behind ingredient marketing

* (14:24) Novi Connect’s customer journey

* (17:42) Why you need ingredient branding



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