The Customer Is Always Right… Right? with Mike Murphy, Founder and CEO at ProctorFree

Can you trash a hotel room and walk away in the right?
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Prior to starting his own business, Mike worked as marketing director for Everblue Training Institute, a startup focused on marketing environmental sustainability and green building. Earlier in his career, Mike served in the Army and as a defense contractor where he completed three tours in Iraq. Mike is also a former Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Board Member and Vice-Chairman of Communication and Technology.

There are few customer experiences more discouraging than reading the minibar prices in your hotel room. One of them being finding out you failed a test. What does the ritzy and glitzy world of hoteliers have in common with test taking? Let’s find out.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we hear from Mike Murphy about how the customer always being right is not only critical to your customer support, but also amping up your cx.

Experience: The customer is always right

Inspiration: César Ritz and his hotel empire

Modern Day Execution: Mike Murphy, Founder and CEO of ProctorFree


Three Takeaways

  • Identify what trends are coming up when your “customer is always right”. Work to address those to proactively avoid them in the future.
  • Customer support is the gateway to long lasting relationships.
  • Deescalating situations quickly will positively increase both trust and cx.


Key Quotes

  • “If someone reaches out to us with a question or they’re having an issue, it’s our job to understand and triage the issue, and help them.”
  • “I think about customer service from a point of we’re all consumers. We have positive and negative interactions with companies and brands. Do you want to be on the side of the ledger where it’s negative or do you want to be on this side of the ledger where it’s positive.” 
  • “Customer service and technical support is one of the easiest things to overlook, but also one of the easiest wins to develop long-term relationships.”



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