The Art of Anticipating Needs with Ali Diab, CEO at Collective Health

How did one automotive icon bring a company back from the brink by going all in on the minivan? What does that tell us about anticipating customer needs?
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This episode features an interview with Ali Diab, CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Health.

There’s an invisible art to incredible customer service. When it’s done well, the customer gets what they need before they ask for it. To master that art, you have to be attentive to the tiny details that make or break a customer experience, all while keeping an eye on the rest of your business. 

On this episode of Often Imitated we explore how great leaders make anticipating customers’ needs a key pillar in their success.  

Experience: Building a customer-first business

Inspiration: Lee Iacocca’s automotive empire

Modern Day Execution: Ali Diab, CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Health

Three Takeaways

  • If you have a nuanced understanding of your customer’s journey, you can use that information to build a better product, a better health platform, or even a more family-friendly minivan. 
  • Customer empathy is absolutely essential to your business. If customers feel they’re in a one-sided relationship with your business that’s purely transactional, they’ll move on to a company that cares.
  • You need well-engineered software to upgrade your customer experience. Without the ability to gather customer data, make sense of it, and make changes to your product, you’ll fall behind the competition. 

Key Quotes

  •  “Your customer is the most important thing. Your profit is not the most important thing. Without your customer, you’ve got nothing.”
  • “Through that unexpected anticipation of a customer’s needs, you really leave a mark in their mind and show them that spark of magic.” 
  • “In legacy healthcare, we don’t understand what things cost, why, or how to control it. Everything seems to be architected in a way to keep people at bay, or keep people from trying to unpack how the system works.”


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