Sustainability Now for the Customer of the Future with Holley Chant, Director of Sustainability, Lendlease

Creating a sustainable experience to serve customers now and in the future
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Holly Chant is the Director of Sustainability at Lendlease, California. With more than 20 years of senior leadership experience, she has a Harvard Masters of Sustainability and Environmental Management degree. She served as Director of Sustainability and Environment at the giga-project Qiddiya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pre-eminent entertainment, sports and cultural destination; as Executive Director of Corporate Sustainability at KEO International Consultants, Kuwait; at the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council as Estidama Planning Manager, the GCC’s 1st mandatory sustainability compliance initiative.

In the 1800s, America was generally seen as a land of abundance and endless resources until Gifford Pinchot saw the truth. That the trees, water and nutrients of the land were being used faster than they could naturally replenish. He saw that future generations faced bare, corroding soil rather than vast wilderness if those resources weren’t used sustainably. 

This same concept of sustainability can be applied to CX.  When crafting a customer experience today, we may only be thinking about immediate customers.  But what if we could create an experience that would impact future customers for generations, to create an experience that would last, use fewer resources and be re-used?

Today we’re taking a deep dive into sustainability in CX with Holley Chant, Director of Sustainability at Lendlease, a construction, property and infrastructure company based in Australia.  Holley knows how to use environmental and social sustainability as key drivers to CX.  Let’s talk about how to create a sustainable experience for customers now and generations to come.

Experience: Creating a sustainable experience to serve customers now and in the future

Inspiration: Gifford Pinchot, the father of forestry

Modern Day Execution: Holley Chant, Director of Sustainability at Lendlease


Three Takeaways

[16:57] Customer experience now will have implications for future customers.

[7:44] Environmental and social sustainability can become key drivers for an amazing experience.

[11:25] Sustainability has to be quantifiable with data.


Key Quotes

  • “Customers today want a sustainable solution. They want a sustainable product or experience or home or community. They want to feel great about it and not feel like that in any way that their customer experience in that moment is someday leading to a negative customer experience for people down the line due to greater environmental problems.”
  • “When we just tack sustainability on at the end, instead of using a front-loaded integrative design process, it costs more. There’s this triangle of sustainability – and I believe that that’s also the customer experience triangle – of people, planet and profit. If you tack it on at the end and then it costs more, you’ve totally failed people and planet.”
  • “For Lendlease as a company, our business is totally devoted to the creation of an awesome built environment. A great customer experience would be that they use a building in such a way that it literally changes their life for the better. We’ve all been in a building at some point where we learned better. We healed better. We were more joyous. And that is the ultimate sign of great customer experience in a built environment.”


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