Driving Your CX to the Limit with Oliver Hughes, CMO, Red Bull Racing Honda

Speed past your competition by doing what has never been done before.
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Oliver is the CMO at Red Bull Racing Honda and Red Bull Technology. During his time with the Team, Oliver has led the marketing function to produce content like no other, such as The Dutch Road Trip, Zero Gravity Pit Stop, and the Road Trip USA, taking the Red Bull Formula One car across the Golden Gate Bridge and down the Las Vegas strip. Previously, Oliver worked as the Head of International Marketing at EA. A brave and entrepreneurial marketing leader, Oliver directed the growth of EA’s FIFA product from $200 million to over $1.2 billion in just five years, leading the team to take the football video game to a globally dominant position in the market.

Few things are more exhilarating than watching cars speed past you at over 200mph. It’s been said that car racing was invented as soon as the second car was built. So how can you compete in an industry full of turbocharged incumbents?

Today we’re going to learn about how outsiders have been able to breakthrough in Formula One racing. From the mavericks who invented a new kind of car in the 1950s, to how Red Bull Racing turned the entire sport on its head. Oliver Hughes, CMO, Red Bull Racing Honda, joined us and shared how Red Bull does what no one else will, and quite literally laps the competition.

Experience: Doing what nobody else will

Inspiration: Origins of Formula One Racing

Modern Day Execution: Oliver Hughes, CMO, Red Bull Racing Honda


Three Takeaways

  • If you make everything surrounding your product irresistible, then customers will become fans in no time.
  • You can find creative ways to push the boundaries of your marketing campaigns, regardless of budget.
  • Engage with potential customers in exciting and unique ways through a variety of channels.


Key Quotes

  • “Most people think we’re totally crazy. But for us, it’s all about doing it because no one else would, and it makes us stand out and connect with the world. It’s that simple.”
  • “You have to design—whether it’s a product or a marketing campaign—around both the current and future fan base.”
  • “If you go into something and plan everything around metrics, then you end up killing the creative process.”



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