Radically Transparent CX with Aurimas Adomavicious, President of Devbridge

In all honesty…all of our CX could be a bit better.
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At 27 years of age, Aurimas and his partners founded Devbridge. Over the last 12 years and with no outside funding, Aurimas has grown Devbridge to a leading technology consultancy with five hundred employees across five global offices. The company builds digital products for Fortune 500 clients such as Grainger, CIBC, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, John Deere, Schroders, and many others in the Americas and Europe.

Being honest is scary enough. Doing it with your customers is a whole other ball game. From investment banking to digital consulting, radical transparency has a way transforming industries. Let’s see how it can transform your CX.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we talk to Aurimas Adomavicious about how he brings radical transparency to the tech industry. 

Experience: Radical transparency 

Inspiration: Ray Dalio

Modern Day Execution: Aurimas Adomavicious, President of Devbridge


Three Takeaways

  • Being radically transparent with your clients allows there to be a healthier and more realistic relationship.
  • Failure is inevitable. Train your team to handle it with honesty and practicality.
  • The more transparent you are the better your customer’s experience will be.


Key Quotes

  • “The moment you create a level of transparency and the moment you educate the client in a level of accountability, failure becomes a much more tolerable experience.”
  • “Failure is the by-product of innovation.”
  • “The value that a client gets should be more than the value they paid for.”



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