Never Take No For An Answer w/ Nitin Pachisia, Founding Partner of Unshackled Ventures

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Nitin is a founding partner of Unshackled Ventures. He has successfully built businesses while on a visa. Prior to Unshackled Ventures, Nitin ran finance and strategy for ed-tech startup Kno (acquired by Intel in 2013) that raised over $90M of funding from top VCs including a16z, First Round Capital and Floodgate. Before Kno, Nitin immigrated from India to work at Deloitte where he focused on helping tech startups with growth, exits, and strategic initiatives.

History is full of stories where people have committed their lives to helping vulnerable communities. Louis Braille did it 200 years ago, and his impact is still monumental today. Today’s guest is creating a similar experience for entrepreneurs navigating the American immigration system.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we talk to Nitin Pachisia about how he’s empowering immigrant founders to do their best work at Unshackled Ventures.

Experience: Never take ‘no’ for an answer

Inspiration: Louis Braille 

Modern Day Execution: Nitin Pachisia, Founding Partner of Unshackled Ventures


Three Takeaways

  • Make sure your cx helps remove roadblocks from your customers.
  • The best way to serve your customers is to walk a mile in their shoes.
  • Once you identify a problem, pull the thread until you come to the root problem. Then form your solution.


Key Quotes

  • “Make sure that you are working on a customer audience that you either understand really well or you’ve done the work to get to understand really well.” 
  • “Stay focused on who your customer is and the real problem. Not just the symptom and not just what you believe is the problem, but really listening to your customer.”
  • “The best way to learn what experience to build is living the life of your customer. ”



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