Mixing the Best CX Cocktail with Jake Reichert, VP of Engineering, Yotascale

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Jake has over twenty years of experience building engineering teams from the ground up into large, high-functioning organizations. Before joining Yotascale, he was a Senior Engineering Director at OneLogin, managing several teams in the security space for identity access management, risk analysis and machine learning. Prior to that he led the development of the web and desktop applications at Amazon Music. Jake holds a BS in Mathematics with a concentration in modern physics from the University of San Francisco. He lives in the Bay Area and enjoys making tiki cocktails and hiking in the redwoods.

It’s Friday night, the work week is over, and you’re looking to unwind. Do you want to be the type of person who orders whiskey? Sure. But at the end of the day nothing will get you in the party mood like a Mai Tai. Here at Caspian Studios, we advise that you drink responsibly…we also advise that you find your closest Mai Tai and let your hair down.

Just like the perfect mixtures of a cocktail, your customer experience is a delicate balance. Our guest today, Jake Reichert, VP of Engineering at Yotascale, has the secret ingredient to making CX perfection: engineers. In this episode, he shares how bringing engineers into your customer experience improves metrics across the board. 


“Get engineers on customer calls as much as possible. It leaves a lasting impression and makes engineers care more about their product.” – Jake Reichert


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Mai Tais are your secret CX ingredient

* (7:17) What is Yotascale

* (10:11) The engineering behind your CX

* (14:35) Shifting to your customer’s perspective

* (18:28) Making engineers your secret ingredient



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