Making Your CX the GOAT with Andy Pearson, VP of Creative, Liquid Death

Is your CX a slam dunk?
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In sixth-grade language arts class, Andy remembers his crazy southern Methodist language arts teacher, Ms. Lawton, teaching them a unit on subliminal advertising. After scarfing down her two Rice Krispie Treats and a Coke for lunch every day, she’d show them The Truth: the evils of advertising. They spent an entire month neglecting vocabulary and diagraming sentences and instead learned how to spot skulls airbrushed into Marlboro smoke or innuendo in Chivas print ads. It was supposed to open their eyes to the treachery of the advertising world. Fortunately, Andy just thought it was fun. So, thanks, Ms. Lawton. Without you, Andy probably wouldn’t enjoy his career as much as he does. In the ensuing years, he’s gotten into a side gig as extreme as advertising: ultrarunning. To date, he’s run more than 40 ultramarathons, including more 100-milers than he can count on three hands. With all that time alone in the woods, he realized he can use his advertising skills to help preserve wild places, promote healthier choices, and hopefully save the planet in some small way.

His Airness. Mike. MJ. All names that represent the GOAT himself: Michael Jordan. When he rocked the now infamous Air Jordans in the 1985 Slam Dunk Contest, he changed the shoe game forever. His sneakers had been banned from the NBA, and subsequently became the world’s next obsession. How he turned wearing shoes into an entire empire and one of the best customer experiences of all time, is something else all together. 

Someone else who’s turned the mundane into a one-of-a-kind experience is today’s guest, Andy Pearson. He’s the Vice President of Creative at Liquid Death, and he and his team have changed how the world drinks water. From selling your soul to tattooing your face…their CX might make a customer say, in the words made famous from Micheal Jordan’s hit film Space Jam…”I believe I can fly.” Today, we’ll find out how.


“Our customer experience is the brand. From the moment you interact with us, you’re in the ecosystem.” – Andy Pearson


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Michael Jordan: the king of CX

* (7:00) Liquid Death explained to those who haven’t sold their souls

* (10:13) How hating marketing builds exceptional CX

* (12:37) Making CX your brand



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