Make Your CX Take Flight with Danielle Harris, Managing Director, Engagement & Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

How your CX can help fight climate change.
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Danielle J. Harris is a passionate advocate for environmental and racial justice. As Managing Director of Engagement & Innovation, she oversees Elemental’s new “Inspire Action” pillar of their 5-Year Strategy because she is committed to invigorating the hearts and minds of the many to reach their social justice and climate action goals. Previously Danielle led Elemental’s mobility strategy and portfolio as Director of Mobility Innovation, working directly with Elemental Excelerator’s mobility portfolio companies, partners, and cities to catalyze collaboration within the transportation industry.

When Joe Sutter was faced with a difficult problem, he got to do what all of us dream of doing…he got to assign his problem to someone else. He was approached by his bosses to create the world’s first jumbo jet, and he was stumped. So he went against his basic instincts and approached his fellow Boeing engineers, customers, and stakeholders, and asked for help.

Joe put trust in others, and innovation ensued. And that’s what we need to facilitate with our customers as well. Danielle Harris, Managing Director of Engagement & Innovation at Elemental Excelerator, is doing just that. She and her team work with climate startups to address climate change—which automatically demands a high level of trust. Let’s find out how she does it. 


“The reality is climate change is coming and we need climate solutions.” – Danielle Harris


Time Stamps

* (0:00) What it took to get the first jumbo jet off the ground

* (5:46) What is Elemental Excelerator?

* (9:04) Who are their cohorts?

* (13:08) The nuances of customer relationships

* (16:18) The technological valley of death



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