I Want You…to be a Homeowner with Alex Lofton, Co-founder at Landed

Trusting your customers to do the impossible.
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Alex believes in the productive potential of design, compassion, and digital technology. He was one of the early employees on President Obama’s 2008 campaign and ran field operations for swing states. As a former startup executive, he worked to get poor folks good jobs in a greener economy, and he designed communication strategies for England’s National Health Service, Airbnb, and Lyft. Alex got his start in real estate at developer Forest City, and he holds a B.A. from Northwestern and an MBA from Stanford. Alex firmly believes that valuing Black lives is not zero-sum, and he and his husband spend their decompression time outdoors, on the dance floor, or playing the “funcles” (fun-uncles) role.

The USAA has spent nearly 100 years being the unassuming support of millions of military families, and then in 2009, they changed the world of banking for everyone. How did the trust they placed in their customers lead to a worldwide phenomenon and how can we do the same? We asked Alex Lofton, Co-founder of Landed.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we learn how Alex is helping teachers and essential workers achieve what they thought was impossible: becoming homeowners. 


Experience: Helping your customer do something they didn’t think was possible

Inspiration: USAA

Modern Day Execution: Alex Lofton, Co-founder of Landed


Three Takeaways

  • Ensure that your team empathizes with your customer, especially when your customer is from a group of people that is generally underserved.
  • Having employees who have shared industry experiences with your customers will improve trust and their cx. 
  • The earlier you invest in cx the better off your customers will be.


Key Quotes

  • “Being customer journey or customer experience focused is about not just the moment in the customer journey, but also what’s going to make it sustainable. What’s going to make it scalable and how do I hold all the different interests in mind at the same time?”
  • “It takes time to build. To get the product right. To focus on the people you want to serve, build real deep value, and then figure out how to operationalize and scale that. But once you start, once you get to that point the fruits of your labor really are there for you to gather”
  • “It’s important for folks to realize that they may have more resources and assets at their fingertips to become home buyers and have a stronger sense of financial security than they realize.” 



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