How to Save Your Customer’s (Financial) Life with Varun Krishna, SVP and Head of Consumer Finance at Mint

How cows saved the world
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Varun is a hands-on experienced product executive. At the moment, he is leading a cross-functional team as a Senior VP and Head of Consumer Finance for Mint at Intuit. He previously worked on their TurboTax product as SVP and VP of Product. He is also a Fellow at the venture capital firm, Tidemark. He also has experience working as Senior Director of Product for PayPal, specifically their in-store experience before moving onto the App & Website. He has also spent time as Groupon’s mobile apps and POS Director of Product and Betterwork’s VP of Product and Design. His product career really kicked off during his almost nine years at Microsoft where he worked on a variety of teams as Senior and Group Product Manager and Speechwriter for their Executive staff.

In a list of most helpful inventions and discoveries, you probably wouldn’t think to put domesticated cows at the top. But it turns out cows have saved millions and millions of human lives over the last 200+ years, and we think they deserve a little more recognition.

The smallpox epidemic had raged on for thousands of years, killing hundreds of millions of people, until a milkmaid in 1796 realized that her cowpox was protecting her from contracting smallpox. Edward Jenner, a surgeon and zoologist, took notice and got to work. Shortly after, the smallpox vaccine was created. Then, the hard work began to get people to actually take it. Convincing people to do something that’s good for them can be difficult. And no one knows that more than Varun Krishna, SVP and Head of Consumer Finance at Mint. Let’s find out how he manages to get people to change their habits and enjoy their experiences along the way.


“The core of any good product is three fundamental things: it’s useful, usable, and desirable.” -Varun Krishna, SVP and Head of Consumer Finance at Mint


Time Stamps

* (0:00) How cows saved the world

* (6:00) What is Mint?

* (8:19) Identifying your financial pain points 

* (10:19) Making your product useful, usable, and desirable 

* (16:52) FinTech in a post-COVID world



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