How to Get Highly Rated CX with Jodie Jansen, Chief Customer Officer, Mediafly

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As Chief Customer Officer, Jodie dedicates her focus to addressing all customer-facing needs post-sale to ensure customer delight, retention and growth. She is responsible for Mediafly’s Implementation and Onboarding, Customer Success and Technical Support teams. She is passionate about building relationships across various levels of the customer organizations to understand their evolving needs and how Mediafly will help them grow through their sales enablement journey. Outside of work Jodie loves outdoor activities in her native Minnesota, and hanging out with her husband and 3 amazing children.

Arrested Development. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Firefly. What do these three shows have in common? Well, for starters, people apparently are pretty fed up with hearing correct opinions on how superior these shows are to everything else on TV! And secondly, they were famously canceled. Low ratings are fear of all creative projects (please leave a 5 star review below!), and the grim reaper in charge of delivering them is the all powerful Nielsen. A revolutionary during the Great Depression, Arthur Nielsen pioneered the data surrounding ratings as we know them today. He’s allowed companies to make data-based decisions regarding their work for nearly a century, and that’s just what your CX needs.

Today’s guest, Jodie Jansen, is the Chief Customer Officer of Mediafly. She brings data to the forefront of CX and helps her team and customers make data-based decisions. And today, she’ll teach you how to do the same.


“Don’t guess about the health of your customers, quite frankly, don’t guess about the health of your team. Don’t take for granted or don’t take at face value that a deal is going the right way or a customer is healthy because someone said it was. Rely on the data to be able to give you those insights.” – Jodie Jansen


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Arthur Nielsen’s guide to data-driven CX

* (6:31) What is Mediafly?

* (7:39) Making CX the heart of your business

* (9:13) The secret to data-driven CX

* (13:55) How to find the right people to work with



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