How to Create Your CX Fantasy with JJ Zachariason, Editor-In-Chief at FanDuel and numberFire

40 million people love Fantasy Football. Let’s figure out how to get them to love your content.
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JJ is the Editor-In-Chief at FanDuel and numberFire. He is also the author of The Late-Round Quarterback. He hosts The Late-Round Podcast, and is a Fantasy Sports Writers Association award winner.

Fantasy Football has changed the way football fans engage with what used to be a casual weekly event. It turned an entire industry on its head, and has driven engagement with its parent product, the NFL, to new heights. But how did it become such an integral part of sports culture? And how can others create content that will be similarly engaging? Let’s find out.

In this episode of Often Imitated, we talk to JJ Zachariason about how he’s making the best content for his customers at FanDuel. 

Experience: Use unique data to create incredible content

Inspiration: The origins of Fantasy Football

Modern Day Execution: JJ Zachariason, Editor-In-Chief at FanDuel and numberFire


Three Takeaways

  • Quality over quantity is essential to sharing great content with your customers.
  • When your content is backed by data, customers will keep coming back for more.
  • The more specialized and substantial your content is the more your customers will trust you.


Key Quotes

  • “If you instill a process in a customer and they see that it works, then they’re going to continue to come back to you.”
  • “When you go into producing content it’s really important to not go in with a narrative. You need to go in and let the data speak for itself.”
  • “Find one or two things that you can do really well. Because once you’re able to hit on those things, then more people notice.”



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