Giving Your CX Some Movie Magic with Ruben Harris, CEO, Career Karma

Don’t let the sun set without talking to your customers.
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Ruben is the CEO of Career Karma. He is also a co-host of the podcast Breaking Into Startups. Prior to Career Karma, he held senior roles at Hustle and Honor. Ruben attended Southern Adventist University where he received 2 degrees in business administration and music.

Sunset Boulevard is considered to be one of the best movies of all time. But it was almost an abject failure. What ended up being a saving grace to the creators Billy Wilder and Charles Bracket was going directly to their viewers and hearing their feedback. And in their case…it was brutal. But going straight to their customers was their saving grace—and it might be yours too.

Today’s guest, Ruben Harris, is the CEO of Career Karma, and he knows the secret to great CX is engaging directly with customers. In this episode, he’ll share how Career Karma is revolutionizing people’s lives, building trust with users, prioritizing customer input, and much more.


“If you’re trying to rehaul your CX, you have to take calls yourself and actually talk to your users.” – Ruben Harris


Time Stamps

* (0:00) Lights, Camera, CX

* (5:12) What is Career Karma?

* (7:54) How Career Karma helps people

* (10:31) Putting trust at the center of CX

* (14:24) The importance of speaking with customers



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