Give Your CX a Lift with Ian Andrews, Principal & Co-Founder at Power Pro iPad Leasing

Taking your CX from a bunny hill to a black diamond.
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As Power Pro’s Co-Founder and Vice President, Ian has overseen all national sales and property launches since the company’s launch in 2010. Ian has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Political Economy and Business from the University of Puget Sound.

Picture a winter vacation in the mountains. You’re probably imagining a wood cabin, sitting by a fire in a cozy blanket, skiing, and a deep denial of hypothermia. You’re probably not picturing bunches of bananas and trains to Omaha. And yet, that’s the exact *ahem* train of thought that led James Curran to the invention of the chairlift at America’s first-ever destination ski resort in 1936. 

James challenged the industry standard when it came to skiing transportation. He pushed technology so far that people had to confront how they’d done things in the past. And, as often happens, he encountered some serious resistance. What can we do when our products put us in a similar position? That’s what we asked Ian Andrews, Principal & Co-Founder of Power Pro iPad Leasing. He shares how to address your customers’ fear of change, get them on board with revolutionary technology, and make their life a breeze. 


“A huge part of customer experience is really identifying what works for the person that you’re interacting with.” – Ian Andrews


Time Stamps

* (0:00) How bananas saved your winter vacation

* (7:48) What is Power Pro iPad Leasing?

* (13:30) Traditions worth breaking  

* (17:31) How to show your customer the ropes…or should we say…slopes

* (21:51) Letting your customer explore the mountain 



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