Give Your Customers Barbie’s Confidence with Ron Schneidermann, CEO, AllTrails

Tell your users to take a hike.
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Ron Schneidermann, CEO of AllTrails, is passionate about building great companies that help people have authentic, organic, real-world experiences. In 2005, Ron co-founded Liftopia, the global leader in ski lift ticket bookings, and most recently was Head of Growth at Yelp Reservations. Ron is committed to mentoring other entrepreneurs. He frequently advises members of the 500 Startups community, and speaks at industry and thought leadership events. Ron attended UCLA, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, and lives in the East Bay, California, with his wife Jenny, their three children, and their dog Sally Toodle the Golden Doodle. Ron loves riding his mountain bike, but his all-time favorite trail is the Na Pali Coast Trail in Kauai.

Before 1959, little girls played with baby dolls to prepare them for motherhood and caregiving. But Ruth Handler knew girls needed a doll that could challenge their imaginations to dream bigger. And so Barbie was born. Whether she’s rocking an astronaut’s suit or a business power suit, the infamous Barbie is always confident and poised to take on the world. With over a billion Barbies sold, her confidence has empowered millions of children over the past 60 years to go after their dreams.

Giving our customers confidence is one of our most important charges as CX leaders. Barbie’s makers at Mattel knew this, and so does Ron Schneidermann, CEO of AllTrails. He and his team work to empower everyone, from “indoor people” to outdoor enthusiasts, to take on the outdoors. What can we do to harness that empowering energy for our own customer experience? Let’s find out.


“The key is using technology to find the right trail for you, then to go out and explore with confidence.” – Ron Schneidermann


Time Stamps

* (0:00) The unmatched impact of Barbie

* (8:13) The beauty of AllTrails

* (12:06) Handling virtual trail upkeep

* (14:59) A terrifying board meeting

* (19:09) How to best connect with your users



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