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Adam Grossman leads marketing and communications efforts for the Boston Red Sox and its historic home, Fenway Park. Reporting directly to President & CEO Sam Kennedy, Grossman oversees the club’s Marketing, Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Social Media, Advertising and Content, and Creative Service departments.

Baseball has been at the heart of American culture for almost 150 years. Giving us icons like Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, and most importantly, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. But behind the bravado of men in capris, is a marketing powerhouse. Today we’re doing a deep dive into baseball marketing. Starting with Charles Finley from the 60’s and 70’s to today’s guest, Adam Grossman, CMO of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports. He shares how social media has changed sports marketing, how to be bold and change centuries-old institutions, how to experiment with your marketing, and so much more.


“You have to push yourself to be a little bit nervous and push the envelope, because if you play it safe the whole time—you’re just going to have safe results.” – Adam Grossman


Time Stamps

* (0:00) What a donkey can teach us about CX

* (8:20) An inside look at what the CMO of a major league baseball team does

* (11:41) Social media’s impact on CX

* (15:58) Tackling the green monster

* (18:05) Experimenting with the City Connect Jersey



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