Brick by Brick with Grant Geiger, CEO at EIR Healthcare

What big lessons are kept sandwiched between tiny yellow bricks? What we learn from LEGOs? And what do they teach us about building for the long haul, while remaining flexible to customer needs?
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This episode features an interview with Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare

Stacking LEGOs brick by brick, we’re learning a style of design intuitively but not quite explicitly. Modular building connects our favorite LEGO builds (like the Millennium Falcon) and the design of the hospitals and emergency rooms of the future. On this episode of Often Imitated, we explore how you build for that future today. 

Experience: Taking a new approach to health care construction

Inspiration: LEGO 

Modern Day Execution: Grant Geiger, EIR Healthcare

Three Takeaways 

  • We’re familiar with technical debt in building software. But, smoothing out the mistakes of the past isn’t so easy in construction. Building hospitals and emergency rooms that both adapt to and thrive in the future takes tremendous care in design and careful engineering. 
  • Old expectations die hard. When you’re popularizing a new way to approach design within a legacy industry, nothing beats a visceral, tangible experience to wash away outdated assumptions. The more you can immerse your customer in your vision, the better. 
  • It’s okay to not know everything right now. The beauty of modular construction and circular design is that both allow for flexibility, for the unexpected or unpredictable. When you’re approaching any project, build for what’s in-front of you and what’s ahead. 

Key Quotes 

  • “For healthcare in the future, it’s Moore’s law. The technology is going to get smaller, and better, and hopefully it will reduce the footprint of what it takes to build healthcare systems as well.” 
  • “You really have to see it to understand the implication, how modular building and circular design can really change things in healthcare.”
  • “We want to open their mind or change their opinion on how healthcare can be delivered, and create new opportunities for how they feel health care can make a difference.”


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