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Christopher Maiwald is the Founder and Managing Director of Wasserstein Home and Lectron. Christopher created the first accessory for the Dropcam Pro, now known as the Google Nest Cam.

Does your dog lose its mind when Saturday morning rolls around and you start vacuuming your home? Is your cat in an endless power struggle with your Roomba? Well, turns out you have two people to blame for that…and today we’re finding out how much their vacuum wars sucked. 

In the battle to create the first vacuum, it was actually a battle of accessorizing. Who could help you reach high places? Could this attachment reach under the couch? Are there different settings for hardwood or carpet? Accessories are everything when it comes to creating the perfect vacuum. But that’s true for products across the board. Accessories can bring your CX to the next level, and today’s guest knows exactly how to do it. Christopher Maiwald, Founder and Managing Director of Wasserstein Home and Lectron, does a deep dive into accessories and how you can give your CX the extra boost to delight your customers.


“Rarely do people come out with a hit product the first time around, so get comfortable with failure—get comfortable with iterating many, many times over.” – Christopher Maiwald


Time Stamps

* (0:00) The vacuum wars

* (5:50) The genius of Wasserstein Home and Lectron

* (7:58) What makes accessories crucial to CX?

* (8:41) The secret to understanding negative feedback

* (9:51) Working with Google Nest

* (11:58) Making accessories accessible



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