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Creating lasting memories by utilizing scarcity and demand during the holiday season.
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The Caspian Studios production team consists of: Ian Faison, Ben Wilson, Ezra Bakker Trupiano, and Mackey Wilson.

Toys play an integral role in our childhoods, and the holiday season is a time when those memories are the strongest. How have the concepts of scarcity and demand played into the successes of the world’s biggest toys? How can we apply them to our cx strategies? And most importantly, what does our production team think are the best toys of all time?

In this episode of Often Imitated, we learn about the production team at Caspian Studios’ favorite toys and what they teach us about customer experience. 

Experience: Scarcity, demand, and the best childhood toys.

Inspiration: PlayStation 5 Release


Three Takeaways

  • The holidays are the perfect time to create a special customer experience.


  • Having a product linked to a significant event can produce a positive memory for your customers.


  • Mindfully balance scarcity and demand and you can build a phenomenon,


Key Quotes

  • “It is our job as CX leaders to capture magic.”


  • “The holidays hit home how special of an experience a product can create.”



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