A Guide to Simple CX with Joe Burton, CEO, TeleSign

Put your CX on the elevator to success.
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Joseph Burton is the CEO of TeleSign. Before TeleSign, he served as CEO of Plantronics (now Poly) from 2016 to 2020, after joining the company in 2011 as Chief Technical officer, and then Chief Commercial Officer. He started his career in 1990 as a software engineer, was acquired into Cisco in 2001 and served as Cisco’s CTO for Unified Communications until 2010. Burton specializes in digital transformation, growth acceleration, corporate strategy and go-to-market, and has extensive expertise in technology and product development. He was most recently a Senior Advisor to the management consulting company McKinsey & Company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and completed the Stanford Executive program at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA).

Maybe you’ve noticed a common thread in every elevator you’ve ridden. They often seem to have a single name branded on the inside: Otis. Now, maybe you weren’t a child fixated on elevators and your caregivers didn’t ask you to stop pointing this out. But on the off chance you were, do we have the episode for you. When Elisha Otis entered the elevator industry in the mid 1800s, they were novel and dangerous. So he invented a way for them to become simple and secure: the elevator brake. From there, the world would be changed forever.

When it comes to simple and secure, no one understands it better than Joe Burton, CEO of TeleSign. Putting in the extra work to make sure his customers are more protected than ever is the perfect recipe for a simple CX. And today, he shares those insights with us. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss. 


“If you go the extra mile, they’ll stay at your website the extra minute.” – Joe Burton


Time Stamps

* (0:00) How the elevator impacts your CX

* (6:36) What is TeleSign

* (8:24) How peace of mind betters CX

* (11:18) Safety and simplicity in the gaming industry

* (16:11) The intersection of technology and humans



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